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3 Best Car Wax With UV Protection | Autodetailinglab

 ​ With the arrival of Summer every car needs the best car wax with UV protection. There is nothing better than your car gleaming across the parking lot in the Summer sun. But those UV rays could be penetrating the very paintwork of your car unless your using a car wax with UV protection. Daily throughout the Summer […]

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6 Best Car Wash Mitter| Autodetailinglab

 If you are looking for the best car wash mitter then you care about your car’s paint work and hate even hairline scratches.You have most probably considered what is happening when you head out to the driveway with your sponge and bucket?Yes you are causing more damage by using the traditional sponge and each tiny […]

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9 Best Swirl and Scratch Remover| Autodetailinglab

​ Choosing the best swirl and scratch remover can save you hours of time by getting it right first time.With so many variations and grades it is important to use best one for the current condition of the car in regards to the amount of swirls, severity of scratches and amount of oxidation. Using too light a […]

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