8 Of The Best Quick Car Detailing Sprays

Quick Car Detailings Sprays, what is their purpose?

Car detailing sprays have increased in popularity since their introduction by Meguiars in the 1980’s, and now rival many of the traditional car waxes.

The main benefit of these products is:

  • Ease of use
  • Less time consuming
  • Even application
  • Value for money

Many old school detailers who stand by traditional carnauba wax will frown on the use of quick detail sprays.

However, they do have their purpose and have now firmly carved a niche in the amateur and professional detailers markets.

Bottles of best car detailing spray

Ease Of Use

Quick detailer spray is simply paste wax within a light liquid form.

They use applicator bottles that are similar to the ones used to clean the interior of your car. 

With their ergonomic shaped handles they make for superb ease of use.

Enabling you to spray a coat on with one hand and polish off with a microfiber towel in the other.

They really are a joy to use compared to the time consuming effort of apply wax from a tin to a cloth each time and then buffing off.

Clock to show detailing can be time consuming

Less Time Consuming

The versatility described above can cut down the time it takes to apply a protective layer of wax or polish to any car. In fact it will cut it down by usually more than half!

This enables car owners with busy lives to to have a paint finish equal to the retired old school detailer who has all day to get the best results!

Although Ole Pete down the garage will totally disagree!

However, sometimes I agree with him and enjoy spending a copious amount of time preparing and waxing my car.

It can be a very therapeutic activity!

Application of detailing spray

Even Application

Applying traditional paste wax can be tricky at times particularly if the temperature is not right.

This often results in uneven application with many lumps and heavy deposits needing more time to even out.

Quick Detailer Spray assures an even application through the spray nozzle irrelevant of the temperature, saving vast amounts of time and frustration.

A single panel can be covered on average with about 3 sprays applications then simply polished off with the microfiber in your other hand.

Whereas, using the wax in a tin method you would need to make numerous moves back and forth from the car panel to the wax tin.

This makes detailing sprays one of the most versatile car detailing products on the market.

Buffing off detailing spray

Value For Money

Dollar for Dollar quick detail sprays give tremendous value for money.

With many of them costing less than half the price of a good paste wax they provide great value to the amateur detailer.

When To Use Car Detailing Sprays

Whilst I may have dismissed traditional paste waxing in the earlier part of this post I still think (And get great pleasure from) giving my car a good past waxing.

I do this twice a year, once in early Spring to give my clear coat a good protective layer from the Summer sun UV rays and again in early Autumn in preparation for the Winter salt, road debris and harsh conditions.

I then use some good detailing spray waxes to top up in between these main waxes.

Top Up With Quick Detail Sprays

Following on from the previous section I do the “Top Up” waxes in midsummer and midwinter. Its at these then main wax coat needs a helping hand to maintain its protection though the latter half of the harshest seasons.

By midsummer the sun's powerful UV have taken their toll on the wax coat and coating of a good detail spray adds another layer for them to eat away at rather than your clear coat.

Similarly a midwinter top up adds more protection and it chosen well can correct any surface imperfections caused by the winter road salt and debris.

Snow covered car to emphasise detail spray winter protection

Top 8 Car Detailing Sprays

Now you have an idea of the purpose of car detailing sprays let us take a look at what I consider to be the eight best options and their individual qualities.

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer

Meguiars Gold Class Detailer

I think it is only right to start the list with a product from the manufacturer who started the car detailing spray concept with Meguiar's Quik Detailer.

This ultra fine detailing spray product never ceases to amaze me.

I use it regularly on my hard working driving school car to keep a showroom shine. 

I have to admit the first time I used it I thought it looked too “thin” a product, if that makes sense? I went on as such a fine mist I really doubted it paint correcting or protection properties.

However, I was surprised at the finish it gave and the durability was nothing to complain about as I rarely had to top up again before my next seasonal wax coat.

It is promoted as having superb hydrophobic polymer technology which is confirmed in the super beading effect it leaves on the car surface after a shower of rain.

My bottle of quick detailer on my car bonnet

Adams Car Detailing Spray

Bottle of Adams Detail Spray with microfiber cloth

This is Adams companies most iconic product, which continues to be a firm favourite with many detailers old and new.

This detailing spray is designed to extend the protection of waxes and sealants already applied to your car.

Which is ideal for topping up on the schedule we have previously discussed.

They boast it extends protection for an additional 2 months.

Many of the car detailers I have talked to comment on how good Adams Car Detailing Spray is when used as a lubricant in the clay barring process to remove surface contamination.

Chemical Guys Speed Wipe

Chemical Guys speed wipe car detailer

Here we have another quality product from the Chemical Guys team, a car detailing product manufacturer I really respect and enjoy using their products.

This car detailing spray is designed to reduce surface static to give a more enhanced, deep look shine. It also provides good UV protection, using solar blocking technology. making it ideal for use as the midsummer top up spray we suggested earlier.

It has a wax free synthetic formula that allows it to be used on metal and chrome as well as your paintwork. This formula also allows application in direct sunshine, which can be a major bonus again for the midsummer top up application.

Mothers California Instant Detailer

Bottle Of Mothers Detail Spray

From Mothers the 40 year old car detailing brand, this car detailing spray is one of the few that boasts good swirl and paint imperfection qualities. 

This slight abrasive quality makes it ideal for removing surface imperfections such as tree sap and bird droppings.

So if you live in a rural area where your cars parking place attracts these annoyances this is your ideal detail spray.

Other qualities are color enhancement and shine fortifiers.

Combining these with the minor paint correction qualities gives a powerful formula that makes this an ideal top up spray for the Autumn/midwinter application.

Nexgen Quick Detailer Spray

Bottle of Nexgen Detail Spray

Here we have the ideal detail spray if you have a ceramic coating on your car. This would be the ideal choice for either the midsummer or midwinter top up for any ceramic coated car.

Its anti static and lubricating qualities make this ideal to use for the clay barring process.

It assists this process by lifting the impurities and making them easy to move off with a microfiber cloth.

This is definitely your choice if you want a seriously clay barring agent or your car has ceramic coating applied.

Griot’s Garage Speed Shine

Bottle oGriots Garage Speed shinef

Fresh from Griots Garage who were established a long time ago in 1990.

This super formula detail spray creates a slippery layer of film that gently lifts dirt and grime right off the surface of your car. 

It can be used on gloss or matt colors and is renowned for being one of the best sprays to assist in the removal of bird droppings!

With this fine mist spray product a car can be done top to bottom in under ten minutes.

If time is in short supply and you need bird droppings removed then this is your product!

Turtle Wax Ice Detailing Spray

Turtle Wax Detail Spray bottle

If your budget is limited and its value for money you want then you will never go far wrong with any of the Turtle Wax range of products.

Their Clean and Shine detailing spray is no exception to the rule. This like others uses polymer technology to assist in the surface cleaning and boosting shine of the paintwork.

Many detailers also report good results with Turtle Wax Detailing Spray when applied to plastic trim and even tires!

A good all round product for the detailer on a budget. I have used this product and find it as good as many more expensive detailing sprays.

Nano Hydro Express Detailing Spray

Bottle of nano car detailing spray

Finally we have the Nano Skin Slick Hydrophobic detailing spray a product specifically designed to shine and protect paint and glass by enhancing the reflective qualities on any surface.

It is often referred to as a spray wax or sealant and can really help with providing protection for the last few months of the midwinter coat.

Its super hydrophobic qualities assure superior beading for all the Winter rain showers too!

Water beading on a car bonnet after spray detailingb

Beware of this with Quick Detailers!!

A common problem with the use of Quick Detail Sprays is that many people read the label and think they are a waterless washes.

They then proceed to just spray onto a dirty car and create more damage than good by dragging dirt granules across the surface creating more swirls than were on there to start!

It is a vicious circle that can easily be broken with some thought of how swirls and scratches are caused.

These products are not a waterless car wash and you MUST wash your car first unless there is nothing more than a light dust on the surface. 

Anymore than that will cause more problems than you think you are curing.

You will certainly end up with duller shine than you started with due to the swirls and scratches.

Cloth wiping off detailing spray

Correct Detailing Routine

For best results it essential to follow a proper cleaning method. Therefore, I have suggested this one below that should give you the best results .l

  1. Lightly hose the car with a fine water spray to loosen the dirt and grime.
  2. Spray a liberal coat of Snow Foam onto the complete surface of the car and allow it to “Dwell” on the surface. This ensures the foam gently lifts and removes the dirt, so minimising the chances of creating swirls
  3. After a cup of coffee (or two!) rinse off the snow foam again using a clean water hose.
  4. Starting at the bottom of the car, clean the wheels and lower third. Use a good iron remover to weaken all the surface contaminants.
  5. Next using the two buckets (One with clean water, one with water and shampoo) fitted with grit guards. Dip a microfiber wash mitt into the soap one and start washing the car from the roof down. Rinsing the mitt in the clean water bucket after each wash.
  6. Rinse the soap off with a hose.
  7. Use a large microfiber drying towel if you would prefer to spray detail with a dry surface, but many of them are good to spray onto a wet surface. Check the bottle for the best directions and use your own choice.
  8. Apply the detailer spray with a good quality microfiber cloth and buff it off with another clean cloth.
Bucket and detail mitt to wash car before detailing

Detailer Spray Application Tip!

Many people spray liberal amounts of detail spray onto their cars panels and then proceed to spread it all over with a microfiber cloth. 

Of course we all think this is the best way, but by using this application method you often create more streaks and smears.

A good idea is to spray the detailer onto the microfiber and then wipe across the surface before flipping it over the polish off.

This reduces the chances of creating annoying streaks and will give you a superior overall shine on all panels.

My car after detailing with Meguiars Quik Detailer

Summary of best detailing sprays

I hope I have helped you make a choice, firstly on if detailing sprays are for you and secondly which type product is best suited to you, your car and your lifestyle.

There are constantly new products coming on the market and urge you to try a few until you find the one that suits you.

I think they now have a real niche in the detailing world and dare say even ole Pete down the garage has secretly tried one!

They deserve a place in every detailers garage. Especially with they providing such a great medium for clay bar work.

Once you find your perfect product for you and your car then you will be saving hours of time and keeping your car's paint in the best of condition throughout the whole year.