10 Effortless Ways To Remove Bird Poop From Your Car

The best way to clean bird poop off your car windows is the most effortless way, as some bird wastes can be very troublesome and often as difficult as the sticky residue of tree sap to remove from car windows and car exteriors.

Also bird droppings damage car paint therefore it is important to know how to remove it from both surfaces.

Obviously, a good quality glass cleaner after a car wash is the best starting point for most car owners and may well suffice for some minor bird poop damage.

However, some deposits can be hard work and there are different bird poop stains according to the time of year as the bird's diet varies from season to season. Often the most ugly mess on your beloved vehicle is in the late Summer or Autumn period when many berries are consumed causing the bird poop to become even more troublesome.

So let's take a look at the most effortless methods to remove this from your vehicle.

Immediate Action

Whilst this isn't always possible it is the most effective time to clean bird droppings from your car window as this prevents permanent damage. As at this moment they will still be in a relative liquid form and they will not become dried bird droppings which are much more difficult to remove.

A bird sitting on car mirror so as to know when to check for bird poop on car

It must also be noted that the acidic properties of bird poop can cause damage to your windshield wipers rubber edges. This will make them less effective and often end up leaving smear marks.

Therefore, if you are around at the time of the “Deposit” you can use a damp cloth and simply wipe it off, even though some people choose to leave it on as they deem it to be good luck!

If you have a hose available at the time it can be a good idea to use that first as the least human contact is the better is always key in reducing scratches as we see with the use of foam cannons in normal washing conditions.

Club Soda

If you are not around at the time and you discover some bird poop that has dried onto your car's windows or even the car surface then it can be the best thing to douse the affected area in club soda. 

This carbonated drink can greatly assist by breaking down the troublesome stain in a matter of minutes. You can then try the hose method before finally using a damp microfiber cloth if needed.

You can also apply it with a spray bottle and gently remove it with a damp cloth. Hot water isn't needed but it's definitely best bet to use warm water and microfiber cloths

Note: Leave club soda on for at least five minutes before attempting to remove it. Seltzer water can also be used if club soda not available

This method is often described as the homemade bird poop remover and is very effective on vehicle paint.

Baking Soda

Another homemade bird poop remover can be made using baking soda.

Simply mix together 4 or 5 teaspoons of baking powder into some hot water. 

Then pour it into a spray bottle and spray it onto the offending area.

Allow a few minutes for this super cleaning solution to work before using gentle circular motions with a paper towel to slowly remove the dried bird droppings. Finally dry the area with a clean cloth 

Detailing Spray

This can be used to great effect to remove bird poop from windows but also to stop bird droppings from damaging car paint.

It is best applied out of direct sunlight and straight onto the paint surface of the stained area. And it is often best to treat the area first with come quality car shampoo to help the removal process

Meguiars Gold Class Detailer

The car detail spray will then be allowed to settle on the bird crap as it has the effect of neutralizing the high uric acid levels in the bird droppings which is one of the most common causes of car paint damage from bird droppings.

Finally, polish off with a microfiber cloth and repeat the process if not fully removed at the first attempt.

Sponge or Microfiber Cloth?

On this subject, the battle often rages between old school and new generation detailers. Many old-schoolers swear that the yellow brick sponge is the best car cleaning tool ever invented!

But the new generation argue that the gaping holes in the traditional sponge are just grit pits that harbour the grime and simply drag it across the car surface doing more good than bad by creating swirl marks

WD40 wonder fluid!

With WD40 being invented to lubricate and ease mechanical items you may not have considered this an ideal medium to remove bird poop!

But rest assured this is a very effective way to clean bird poop off windows or indeed any part of a cars exterior.

Simply spray on the WD40 direct from the aerosol can. Allow it to dwell on the area for a moment before removing it with a wet cloth and clean water. Or a clean microfiber cloth and some window cleaner.

If you do not clean it off completely then this can result in water spots on the car surfaces 

Quick Detailer Spray

This is car detailing polish in a liquid form but it also has many other automotive uses including removal of bird droppings.

It is particularly useful on the more dried deposits and should be left on for a couple of minutes for the first step then wiped off with a good microfiber towel.

Meguiars Quik Detail Spray

Meguiars Quik Detailer is the ideal car detailer spray to use on removing bird poop from car windows.

Would a car cover solve the problem?

If your car is parked under trees where birds roost then you could have a serious bird poop problem and the easiest solution could be to use a car cover.

There are many on the market which are easy to take on and off to provide real protection for your cars windows and paint job.

Liquid Laundry Soap

If you do not have any car detailing spray, WD40 or any of the other aforementioned items then simple unscented laundry detergent can be used.

 Apply with some warm water and gently rub it into the deposit with a clean cloth or disposable gloves.

Ceramic Coating

Giving your car a complete covering of ceramic coating can give superior protection. 

This will provide a hard almost impenetrable layer of protection against any bird poop deposits that may run off your windows or drop directly onto the car's surface.

It gives added help to the protective layer of your car's clear coat which is the clear lacquer coats on top of the cars paint

You should use a good quality fit for purpose product similar to what a body shop would use on a classic marque car.

It can take a while to apply the complete coat but it is well worth the effort as it significantly decreases the chance of the acidic bird poop damaging the paint work. 

Clay Bar

To remove bird poop from car windows or bodywork a clay bar can be the most effective way for the most stubborn of deposits.

Clay bars work by sticking to the deposits and literally lifting them off the surface, hence why it is so effective on dried on nasty stains.

Using Clay Bar to Remove Bird Poop From Car

The steps for using a clay bar are:

  1. Soak the area in warm water to loosen the deposits.
  2. Spray on quick detailer spray
  3. Wet the clay bar in the warm water
  4. Press the clay bar onto the deposit and move it gently in small circles
  5. Remove it periodically and fold it over to enable a fresh side to remove deposits.

This is a really quick solution where other methods or simple tips have failed. Once the deposit has been removed then some glass spray should be used to restore the surface back to its original condition.


The best way to remove bird poop is to take quick action as soon as it is deposited on the car. This will prevent further damage to the glass or paintwork.

Make regular checks of your vehicle if bird poop deposits are a regular occurrence and consider a car cover, particularly if parked under trees in the evening.

Bird Poop All Over a Car

Use one of the above-mentioned cleaners if it has dried onto the surface as this will help soften the deposit and make it easier to remove. If it is still stubborn to move on glass them a nail file can be used to gently ease it off. But to not do this on paintwork as it could easily result in damage to the clear coat or paintwork.

We hope you now have some ideas on how to remove troublesome bird poop and would love to hear any further ideas you have on the comments below