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8 Of The Best Quick Car Detailing Sprays

Quick Car Detailings Sprays, what is their purpose? Car detailing sprays have increased in popularity since their introduction by Meguiars in the 1980’s, and now rival many of the traditional car waxes. The main benefit of these products is:Ease of useLess time consumingEven applicationValue for moneyMany old school detailers who stand by traditional carnauba wax will frown […]

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How Often To Polish Car?

  This is one question car owner asks many times, so, I thought I would answer it here once and for all!. The truthful answer to this question is that you have to take many variables into consideration. Therefore there are many variable answers! Some of the main areas to consider are The age of the car, is old […]

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When to Polish a Car

When asking this question it is vitally important to understand exactly what the act of “Polishing”  IS to enable you to get the deep shine you are looking for? Some people say: “I’m going to polish my car” others will say “I’m waxing my car” Both will think they are using the correct products at […]

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How To Make A Foam Cannon

 One of the top reasons a professional car wash is so effective is that they make use of industrial foam cannons. It’s not hard to see why they’re superior to hand washing your vehicle. Something that makes the job of grit and grime removal easier just has to be worth a look. But we must take […]

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