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Best Car Paint Protection Film [Complete Review]

 When it comes to protecting your car’s paint from the elements, there are many options available from traditional car wax coatings to ceramic coating. From rock chips, bird droppings and road debris to acid rain, swirl marks and UV damage, the best paint protection film will help keep your car looking like a new car for […]

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15 Best Auto Detailing Carpet Extractors

 We do usually concentrate on car exterior detailing products but we think a cars interior should match its exterior! Therefore, we have put together this comprehensive guide to the best auto detailing carpet extractors to enable you to not disappoint your passengers when they open the door to you mint looking car!When you have an auto […]

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20 best car polisher for beginners [Ultimate Guide]

Are you asking yourself questions such as….Which car polisher is best for me as a beginner?What is the difference between a rotary polisher and a DA polisher?What are foam pads and backing plates?All these questions and more are answered in the blog post along with all the information to enable you to make the right […]

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