Car Detailing Checklist

Clean Car Checklist to ensure you get the best results from your detailing


Car Detailing Checklist to ensure the best results!

The result is in the preparation in everything you do, as the saying says "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! This applies more to cleaning and waxing your car than many other tasks.

Therefore, let us help you before heading out to the driveway by having a clean car checklist at hand. Not just a list of items you will need but also a list of the order in which to perform each task.

Check list of items

It is ideal to start the car detailing process by covering the car in thick foam. The reason being the weight of the foam combined with the detergents will simply float the dirt and grim off the surface. Thus minimising chances of any swirls and scratches if a sponge is used.

Here are the items needed for that process:


  1. Pressure Washer such as the ones featured here
  2. Foam Cannon Chemical Guys ACC_362 works well
  3. Foam Bilt Hamber Auto Foam really shifts the grim

If the above items are not available or above your budget then use the traditional soap and bucket. But first hose off as much grim as you can with a high pressure hose to again reduce the risk of swirls. Next use the Two Bucket System, again to minimise swirls and fine scratches.

Two Bucket System

Car Detailing Checklist


Once the car has had a good hosing use two buckets and a microfiber wash mitt. Both buckets should be filled with warm water. Bucket one add quality car wash foam bucket two leave water. Both buckets should have grit guards installed. This enables the wash mitt to be rubbed across the grit guard and all grit sinks to bottom of bucket, again reducing those shine destroying swirls!

Two Bucket System Cleaning Items Checklist

  1. Two 5 Gallon Buckets
  2. A microfiber wash mitt