Pressure Washers for Car Detailing

Pressure Washers for Car Detailing

Regular car washing is the base level of all car detailing. Using the best pressure washer for car detailing makes this regular task much more efficient and fast. Dust, dirt, road salt and bird droppings all sit on your paint work creating untold damage, unless removed as soon as possible.

Bin the bucket!

Washing by the old sponge and bucket method is time consuming and you are also risking creating scratches and swirls by the sponge carrying debris across the surface.

Dipping the sponge back into the bucket of dirty water simply adds more dirt to the already grime encrusted yellow brick! You then continue to rub this abrasive mixture all over your paintwork.

Pressure Washing is now the norm

Using a pressure washer for car detailing gives you a fast method and more options. For example, you can easily give the car a quick light spray to loosen the dirt, dust etc.

Then with snow cannon attached the car can be coated with a layer of heavy foam to further slacken and remove the grim. Most importantly WITHOUT a hand touching the car! This is such an important factor in learning how to wax your car correctly

You have the ability to initially apply a fine mist coat of water to dampen and loosen the grime. Before switching to a more powerful application or Snow Foam application to really get the debris shifting. Both options not available with your bucket and sponge.


Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

Pressure washer for car detailing

If your still washing your car with a bucket and sponge you could be doing untold damage to your paintwork. It could well be time to switch to an entry level pressure washer.

Here we have the Karcher K2 electric Pressure washer a 1600 psi washer, 1.25 GPM electric washer which we consider to be great value in the under $100 class.

It is an ideal entry level pressure washer for that will gives years off good service for under $100. It makes an ideal foam cannon washer especially when combined with the Foam Cannon attachment

It can be worth noting if your mains water flow is on the low side then you may want to reduce your supply hose size to keep up the pressure. As a an example reducing hose size from 100 yards to 25 will virtually double the performance.

The light weight of the unit is another superb benefit, tipping the scales at a super lightweight of just 16.8 lbs. This enables easy set up and mobility to get around all areas of the car. There can be nothing worse than a big chunk of machine to move to stop you getting to all the tricky areas,

The only negative we can find is a complaint that is common to many pressure washers and it is of course hose leaks. The main K2 problem seems to be the hose connector onto the machine itself.


We estimate this to be the best value in its range. It is an ideal entry level pressure washer that can handle most car detailing needs. Its lightweight and easily stowed away after use. A great first pressure washer for weekend enthusiasts.


  • check
    Light Weight Product, 16.8 lbs
  • check
    Super Value at <$100
  • check
    20 Foot High Pressure Hose
  • check
    Maintenance Free Pump


  • Possible hose coupling leaks

Sun Joe SPX30000 Pressure Washer

Car Detailing Pressure Washers

Steeping up to the best value under $150 we now take a look at the superb, large wheeled Sun Joe SPX3000. A level up on the power with some unique features for car detailing.

Generating a powerful 2030 PSI pressure this washer can handle the toughest of car cleaning tasks and can be well suited to the 4x4 type vehicles. Whilst also easily managing the smaller jobs.

Double detergent capacity

Two different types of detergent can be stored at the same time in its two 0.9 litre separate compartments, giving a superior cleaning experience. These can be switched in between whilst the washer is still in use. The detergent is introduced by a "Down stream Chemical injector" which introduces the detergent on the discharge side of the pump. The main advantage being that the detergents do not pass through the pump, which can prevent damage to seals and prolong pump life.

Fittings can be a major problem on some cheaper models but here the Sun Joe 300X is equipped with brass fittings to cure the problem of weak plastic fittings.

Accessories provided as standard are:

  • Removable 0.9 litre detergent tanks
  • 34 inch extentsion wand
  • 20 foot high pressure hose
  • 35 foot power cord
  • 5 quick connect spray tips


A more than capable pressure washer for any type of detailing. The accessories are a super feature of the purchase package, each one making the most difficult jobs easier. If your looking to upgrade your current pressure washer from an entry level but don't want push over the $200 limit this is an ideal choice.


  • check
    Dual detergent tanks
  • check
    Superior quality brass fittings
  • check
    Complete assesory set
  • check
    5 Changable spray tips
  • check
    Large wheels to ease of movement


  • Pressure can vary
  • More suited to regular use rather than being stored and used

Mrliance 3500 PSI Pressure Washer

Car Detailing Pressure Washer

Moving up a level in both working pressure and price range we now have a look at the the Mrliance 3500 PSI pressure washer.

This quality cleaner operates a as clearly stated in its title, 3500 PSI and 2.0 Gallons Per Minute flow. This ensure a good constant flow rate with more than ennough pressure to remove the most stubborn grime from your car.

The washer kit includes 4 quick connect sprayer tips or varying angles for 0-45 degrees. This enables ease of use to clean the most inaccessible areas. The removable detergent tank is easily removed to fill and recommended to be used to increase the cleaning capability of those tougher areas.

The high pressure hose rolls out at 26 ft from the well designed hose reel that helps prevent flow reducing kinks. And the 20 ft high pressure supply hose affords greater length to reach the jobs.

The washer is fitted with a safety automatic stop system when the trigger on the lance is released. This saves energy and prolongs pump life, which can be a problem with lesser quality pressure washers for car detailing.

The water inlet is fitted with professional grade brass fittings to maximise the prevention of leaks at this common area is prone to leaks on most washers. The operating temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit to enable the maximum cleaning benefit.

Many describe this machine as the Ultimate Washer as the power and ease of use seems to be exactly what people want when they purchase a pressure washer.


A super machine that can handle any type of cleaning. Lots of super features to ensure the job is done right and still keeping machine wear and tear to a minimum


  • check
    A powerful 3500 PSI pressure
  • check
    Longer than average hoses
  • check
    Easy roll out roll up hose reel 
  • check
    4 changeable, angled nozzles 


  • Due to height stability can be a problem
  • Best suited to level ground

Dessen Gas Pressure Washer 212 CC

Petrol Engine Pressure Washer for Car Detailing when no electric supply is available

All the pressure washers featured above are electric powered. However, if you need to carry out car detailing when away from an electric supply or you just prefer the convenience of no cables trailing around then a Gas Powered Pressure Washer is the answer.

The market place for these machines is not as wide as the electric powered units and the price range starts at around the $200 range. This being due to the gas powered engine and the heavier frame work.

We consider the Dessen Gas Pressure Washer Washer the best value and performance in its range, due to the price and performance it offers. Its 7.0 HP 4 stroke Over Head Valve engine delivers a constant 3600 PSI pressure using 2.8 gallons per minute. This ample enough for even the most professional or stubborn jobs.

Five quick connect nozzles are supplied to vary the angles of the jet from 0-40 degrees, enabling access to even the most difficult areas. Mobility is provided by the 10" pneumatic tyres and wheels, which allow stability on the roughest of terrains. And finally the 7.5 metre high pressure hose gives superior ease to manoeuvre around the vehicle at all times. 


Weight: 66lbs

Size: 58x48.5x43.5cm/ 22.8x19.1 x 17.1inch

Rated Pressure: 3100PSI
Max Pressure: 3600PSI
Flow Rate: 2.8GPM v Water Inlet Pressure: 0.4Mpa


Having the freedom to wash your car where ever you want is the main advantage of a gas powered pressure washer for car detailing. No need to be restricted by cable length or the need for an electric supply means you can wash the car when and were ever you like.

Having the mobility of wheeled unit also means ease of transport and the freedom swap from vehicle to vehicle rather than moving car if your doing more than one car at a time.

The featured Dessen washer is what we believe to be the best value in its price bracket. Offering strong build quality and a powerful 3600 PSI. We love the ease of mobility from the well balance trolley and pneumatic tyres.

Overall superbly built, compact unit that offer superior performance and mobility with a price that wont break the bank.


  • check
    No electric supply needed
  • check
    Powerful Machine
  • check
    Easily transported on pneumatic wheels
  • check
    Complete kit supplied
  • check
    Very easily assembled


  • Heavier than the electric models
  •  Fuel supply needed

mrliance MR-XK005233 40V Cordless Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer for Car Detailing

YES we were surprised too! There is a cordless pressure washer for car detailing ! Someone just had to invent it. And we love it here at Auto Detailing Lab.

With most detailing enthusiasts keeping there cars in pretty near mint condition there is often a need for a quick and easy application of snow foam to ease the grim south. This well balanced pressure lance offers just that solution. With minimal set up its literally point and wash. No lengthy electric cords to trip over or leaking high pressure hose couples, this easy as it comes.

Of course if you have heavy soiling or an encrusted salt coat then your going to need one of our previously featured more powerful machines. But for those intermediate/top washers of mid Summer this has to be the go to machine.

Weighing in at a light 9,6 pounds and taking under 5 minutes to set up you will struggle to find an easier car wash solution. A 960 PSI is below the pressure of the heavier duty units but for applying a coat of snow foam this is ideal. This mrliance product is supplied with a snow cannon attachment and 6 multi function nozzles for the rinse off once the foam has done completed its task.

Two 40V Lithium batteries provide the power which take approximately 3 hours to charge. Only one battery is needed to power the unit therefore, the other can be be on charge. Customers have noted that the single battery gives over an hour of use, which is more than enough time to snow foam and wash off any car!


The ultimate quick pressure wash product for those mid season top up washes. Fast set up, ease of use and total mobility ensure you get your washes done in double quick time. The complete kit gives great value with all accessories needed to apply your deep foam coating in minutes rather than the hour it takes to set up and apply with the larger units. 

NB: The video below is not of the featured product as there isn't one available but it does show how easy to use the cordless pressure washers are.


  • check
    No Power cords
  • check
    No hose
  • check
    Fast set up
  • check
    Foam Cannon Supplied


  • Not powerful enough for heavy soiling

Benefits of using a Pressure Washer for car detailing

Hands Off!

Its fine scratches and swirls that stop your car looking it best in the sunny Summer sun. So the best way to prevent this happening is to use a pressure washer rather than a sponge and bucket.

The old yellow brick type sponge simply picks up the dirt particles and as you move the sponge over the paint work it just drags the particles caused untold amount of scratches. Using a pressure washer eliminates the chances of any scratches. The light mist to start is great way to loosen the grip of the grime and an ample coating of snow foam will effortlessly remove the most ground in dirt and salt particles.

Saves Time

Time is always a vital aspect of everyday life, saving some can make a big difference, not only to your day but also to the time you spend on the detailing of your car. Waste and hour going over every part of the car with a bucket and sponge and you could be too tired spend the time on the waxing and buffing that really makes the difference. A pressure washer will enable you to clean the car fully in under 15 minute. Make it 20-25 minutes if you really want to let the snow foam have its time on the surface. You will then be enthused for the polishing/waxing phase, ensuring the maximum effort goes to where it is needed.

Pressure Washer for Car Detialing


How would you clean under those wheel arches with a bucket and sponge? You simply wouldnt attempt without removing the wheels! Yet with a pressure washer you can effortlessly remove all the gathered dirt and debris. Another key benefit it getting into all the knooks and crannies such as the fuel filler cap area and behind the door handle. Both are areas that harbour alot of dirt and in particular salt in the winter. If this isnt properly removed then you will simply be dragging it over the surface when polishing.

Variety at the touch of a switch!

Many of today's pressure washers for car detailing offer the ability to swap pressure, detergent levels and type of spray at the touch of a switch. Ask yourself how long would it take you to do that with the traditional methods? We estimate at least five times the amount of time it takes to simply switch over with the pressure washer. And this variable ability will give you the best results according to which area of the car you are washing.


The days of the "Yellow brick" sponge and a bucket of water have well and truly passed. Causing untold damage to your cars paintwork this archaic method should be stopped if you are still using it.

The pressure washer for car detailing is now an essential item. Speeding up the wash process gives you more time to spend on the paint correction and waxing, were the real benefits are to gained.

Purchasing a pressure washer can be a big financial outlay and we hope we have helped you decide not only to go ahead with purchasing a washer but als which one suits your needs.

Hope you get your perfect pressure washer for car detailing.