3 Reasons Why Car Wax is Needed-And When to wax?

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Waxing a car with cloth after applying wax. Car red paint work is shining

The reasons why car wax is needed all year round

1. It provides a protective layer

Think of the weather in your area year round and how it can harm your cars bodywork

The blazing Summer heat, flying debris of the Fall winds, the ice coating in Winter and those big ole bugs of Spring! All depositing their offerings on your pride and joy!

Whilst wax does little to provide an actual shine on your car (Polish does this) its is wax that keeps that shine throughout the seasons.

Once you have cleaned and polished your car then it is time to apply the protective layer of wax. Cocooning your vehicle in a hard wax coating will ensure year round protective layer for the bodywork.

This will provide a layer over the paint that will:

  • Absorb the glances with roadside branches
  • Deflect the winter rock salt
  • Bounce away every Summer bug

So keeping that deep shine year round that will only need a wash to revive it.

This is providing it is regularly maintained and topped up when needed. We suggest a routine of two big waxes at the beginning of Spring and Autumn, followed with top up waxes in between.

A car covered in snow to show how the winter elements can affect the bodywork

Here is a suggested Car Wax annual schedule:

Early Spring:   A complete wax with a good quality Carnuaba Car Wax

Early Summer:  Top up with a good quality UV Protective spray wax

Early Autumn:  Complete wax with a top quality wax, maybe two coats

Early Winter:  Top up with a good quality spray wax

Following the above plan insures that your car always has a layer of wax protecting the paintwork throughout the year.

This is the main reason why car wax is needed.

2. It protects against damaging Ultra Violet (UV) Rays

This is why as we stated in the previous section that car wax is needed at the start of Spring, in preparation for the searing heat of the Summer sun.

We are sure you have touched car paint work on a scorching Summer afternoon and realise the immense heat our cars bodywork has to endure from May until September every year.

But its not just the heat stored in the metal panels that does the damage it is the UV rays themselves that interact with the paint if it is exposed.

This can lead to it becoming less reflective. It will therefore reflect less light and appear duller.

A car bonnet with peeling paint showing how UV rays can damage paintwork and why car wax gives a protective layer against this

Cocooning your cars paintwork with a layer of UV ray protecting wax before the start of Summer will ensure the minimum fading occurs.

The type of waxes we recommend are:

With some colours such as red being more susceptible to UV damage we recommend to park these out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Or if unavoidable then use a UV protecting car cover, this will be especially important if the car is parked in an exposed spot for a long period.

3.  It slows down depreciation of the car, therefore saving you money

Think back to the last time your sold your car.

When the thought first manifested in your mind, what was the the first thing you done?

We bet it was "Wash the car!"

Why is this?

Because we all know that first impressions count.

When a buyer sees a car for the first time its usually at a distance away and the only thing they car really see is the bodywork!

Having that deep, bottomless, waxy shine sure gives the impression of a well maintained car, immediately putting the buyer in a positive mindset about the car.

Imagine trying to sell a car with chipped, paint faded bodywork but an immaculate interior. It would be much harder to sell wouldn't it?

The reason is when people buy cars they are not buying a car they are buying an "Identity" and people identify a car from the exterior not the interior.

Therefore, having perfect as possible bodywork at the point of selling will not only enable you to ask a higher price but will go a long way to ensure the sale and getting over that hurdle is the hardest part of selling.

A regular programme of washing, polishing and waxing will slow down the depreciation of any car.

Its not just the sun that fades the paint also paint oxidation. This occurs on paint over time due to the air pollution and toxic fumes cars are exposed to everyday.

Coating your car in a protective wax jacket will minimise the damage and ensure your car always looks great right up to judgement day when you come to sell it.

Use good quality waxes and take your time applying them with​ good quality clothes to ensure a complete covering. Top the coating up at regular intervals. 

And you can rest assured that you are doing the best to protect your investment throughout the year. 

These are the reasons WHY CAR WAX is important