Best Cloth For Waxing Car

To choose the best cloth for waxing car we must firstly understand the waxing process.

This two step process consists of firstly applying the wax and then buffing the dried haze off to a super finish.

Each step requires a different type of cloth and getting the best one for each stage is critical for the best finish.

Lets take a look at each step.

Applying the Wax (Stage 1)

Many quality waxes come with an "Applicator pad" which is used to apply the wax.This is usually made of foam a generally fits exactly into the wax container. These are usually made of foam but a much denser quality than the average yellow brick type wash sponge.

If an applicator pad is not supplied with your wax then a damp sponge can be used.

But the best option is definitely a Wax applicator as the next tip will highlight.

Wax Applicator Application Tip:

When putting the applicator into the wax can rest it gently onto the wax. Next rotate the can one way, lets say clockwise and the applicator clockwise. This will produce some friction, which in turn produces a small amount of heat.

This heat will slightly melt the wax so placing a thin layer of wax onto the applicator pad. You will then have a very even layer of wax over the car surface rather than digging into the wax in the can and ending up applying to the the paintwork in large lumps! Which in turn dry at different rates creating a difficult layer to remove in stage two.

Wax Applicator Conclusion

In conclusion the a wax applicator pad is for sure the right "Cloth" to use for stage one of wax application.

At this stage of the process it can be worth investing in a purpose made applicator pad rather than the often low quality ones supplied with the wax.

Whilst the first stage may appear less important than the second buffing to shine stage it is vital to apply the wax in an even, thin coat.

We therefore recommend the Mothers Wax applicator pads. Being manufactured of top quality material, they are washable and re-usable.

 As you can see below they are manufactured to a high standard from top quality microfiber with professionally stitched edges that provide comfortable grip when applying the wax.

Buffing Off The Wax (Stage 2)

Once the Wax has cured to a haze the buffing off process can begin to reveal the newly waxed surface.

This should not be done with the applicator pad or any type of sponge., that is if you don't want swirls in your paint work!

For many years car detailing enthusiasts used the traditional yellow cotton cloths to buff off the cured wax haze.

But with a tendency to deposit its excess lint across the bodywork it wasn't the ideal buffer.

Microfiber the invention of the Century!

These have now been replaced by the super material invented by a Dutch chemist named Johannes Diderik van der Waals.

He  took the principle of how Geckos stick to ceilings by attaching to particles of dust and applied to cloths.

Cleverly reversing this principle he created the Microfiber cloth to harness the dust holding features of Geckos feet to lift off micro dirt particles from any surface.

It is now the standard cloth used for the second stage of any car waxing

With Der Walls principle in action you literally hoover up dust as it polishes off the dried wax coat. 

However, there are variations of microfiber cloth to consider. We find that the following types suit these purposes:

  • To  remove baked on or hard wax residues a short pile fiber works best.
  •  Medium to long works well to remove polish residue
  •  A deep pile is best for buffing off quality wax to a high gloss, deep shine.

The types of Best Cloth For Waxing Car

Here are some examples of each fo the types mentioned from leading Microfiber producers.

Long Microfiber

First lets take a look at a premium Long Microfiber Cloth

Best Cloth For Waxing Car

These superb Hotor long microfiber cloths provide the ideal material to remove polish residue. Please note that polish is different to wax.

Polish has an abrasive effect on paintwork and is often used to remove slight scratches and swirls. The Polish is applied before wax, wax serves as a sealant as the final coat.

Measuring 12.1 x 8.5 inches and weighing in at 15.2 ounces they are and ideal size. If folded correctly to utilise eight sides as a polishing cloth should be used, they can easily complete one side of a car per cloth.

The hidden benefit here though is the price! As these are not wholly marketed as "Car Detailing" cloths, but instead as normal household microfibers! However, don't be hoodwinked into thinking your getting an inferior product here due to the lack of car based marketing. These are luxurious microfibers and will handle the toughest of polish residues with ease.

They also come in zip locked bag with Hotor logo on it that helps in storing and keeping them in perfect condition

Order these and you are getting a great set of towels to buff off any polish which won't break the bank!

Short Pile Microfiber

Next lets take a look at short pile microfiber more suited to baked on and harder waxes.

Best Cloths For Waxing Car

For the best short pile microfiber we recommend the above Turtle Wax cloths. Manufactured as an 80/20 microfiber means they offer the optimum balance of  80% Polyester and 20% Polymide making them the softest possible.

The short pile helps ensure maximum pressure is applied to tough, baked on waxes. As longer microfiber cloths cannot apply the extra pressure needed to deal with these conditions you will have no problem with these.

A car that has already had a coat or two of wax and needs a total re wax is where these short pile towels will be at their best. 

They are supplied in a pack of twelve which represents great value.That gives you six towels per side of car. Each towel folded the correct way will give you (6x8=48) thats 48 clean towels areas, enabling you to cut right down on chances of adding any swirls with dust and dirt particles.

Best Cloth For Waxing Car -Deep Pile Microfiber

Finally lets take a look at the most important one that gives the head turning shine on the final wax coat, the deep pile microfiber.

Attaining the show stopping shine is down to the final wax polish off and only one product can give the desired finish, the Deep Pile Microfiber.

Best Cloth For Waxing Car

Our product of choice for this crucial final process is the Buff Detail Premium Microfiber Towel. This deep pile, luxurious towel will ensure the best quality of the final wax coat shines through. Super soft to the touch, quality stitched borders and label-less ensures smooth action.

Easily maintained they can be washed dried and used time after time without losing any quality. However, please not that when washing do so on a low heat and higher heat can significantly damaged the ends of the microfibers so reducing their performance.

Arriving in a dual pack one towel can even be used for drying the car as its 24 x 36 inches makes it ideal for the task. 

Best Cloth To  Wax Car

Best Cloth For Waxing Car Frequently Asked Questions.

How should I use a microfiber cloth to get best results?

There a two schools of thought here one is a to use a circular motion and the other a straight line back and forth method such as when polishing shoes.

I am definitely in the circular motion camp as I find this the most comfortable method and usually buffs to a better shine finish. The real risk with this method is if car is not spotless with all dirt removed then you could create "Swirls".

The back and forth method is often best used in the trickier places to access.

How long do microfiber cloths last?

If you take care of your cloths by washing them after each session they will last for years. Please note that when washing them do not do it on a hot wash as this can damage the important microfiber tips that do the most effective job of cleaning.

Conclusion on Best Cloth for Waxing Car

We hope that we have given an insight into which is the best cloth to wax car and you are now fully aware of the two stage process. Which cloth is most appropriate for the state of the paintwork and  each stage of attaining the best finish.

An even, thin application of the wax is always the the best base for a deep shine. Hence our recommendation of a good applicator pad. Any heavy or lumpy application will result in harder work in the second stage and often give differing results on the car.

Taking off the wax haze is the next step and each one can need a different type of microfiber, so please take time to think about what your car requires.

  • Are you buffing off Polish?
  • Removing a hard coat of wax?
  • Or buffing up and already polished surface with its final wax coat?

Take your time to think of which type will suit your current paintwork. Use the two stage process and we are sure the results will, excuse the pun, Shine Through!!