Where to buy F11 Car Wax

Where to buy F11 Car WAx

Top Coat F11 car wax is a top quality professional product which is marketed as  a Polish and Sealer.

Many people report superb shine results from F11 but there are some doubts over its "Polish" qualities. Let me explain. A Polish means the product should have abrasive properties. As a Polish is not a final coat it is a preparation substance capable of removing fine scratches by erasing the top coat. Which should then be sealed with a wax.

To claim to be a "Polish and Sealer" seems to me to be rather ambitious and maybe the marketing is aimed at people who just want everything to happen at once. Which is many cases of detailing doesn't happen.

F11 does seem to be very easy to apply and seems to provide an good protection coat.

It is priced at around the $80 mark for the complete kit, consisting of 16 ounce bottle of Top Coat F11 polish sealant, a 16 ounce Poly wash bottle and two Ultra-microfiber 16 detailing towels. This complete detailing kit does appear to represent great value

If however you would like to try the original method of washing, polishing and the waxing to seal the car we can recommend the following method and products.

Firstly wash the car with a good shampoo or use a foam cannon. The advantage of using a foam cannon is that the heavy soap will run off the car and take the dirt and grime with it Instead of you risking creating swirls in the paint by washing off with microfiber or worse still a sponge"

If no foam cannon available use a quality wash kit like the Chemical Guys Two bucket Wash and Dry Kit.

Where To Buy F11 Car Wax

By using the above 2 bucket wash method you again minimise the risk of putting fine swirls in your paint work.

Once this stage is completed the car should be completely dried with either a microfiber drying towel or make use of a leaf blower to leave your surface moisture free and ready for the Polishing phase.

If your happy to accept that F11 Top Coat is a "polishing" agent then at this stage apply it as stated on the container.

However, if you think a more abrasive polish is needed to attend to any surface defects then seek out a purpose made polish such as Meguiars Quick Scratch as this will prepare the surface before applying the final protective coat.