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Quick Wax Review

Quick almost seem to be the requirement of everything these days. We live in an age of instant gratification which has also spread to the world of car wax.

We therefore decided to do a quick wax review on the super Meguiars Ulimate Quick Wax to help you decide if those instant gratification promises can be fulfilled! 

Quick Wax Review

Quick Wax Review Price per Ounce

But first let's take a look on how much bang for your buck your getting by checking out the fluid ounces. With the current superb offer on two bottles for just $27.99, an each bottle weighing in at 15.2 fluid ounces this gives you one fluid ounce for just $1.08! Throw in the free microfibers and you have one hell of a deal before a drop even hits your paintwork!

Quick Wax Review Performance

For that deep long lasting shine you always need to use a Carnauba wax or a synthetic polymer. However both the products require time to apply properly and if your short on time this is where Quick Wax comes to your rescue.

Firstly wash the car with a quality shampoo of better still use a foam cannon. And allow to dry, dry it yourself with a large microfiber drying towel or a mobile car dryer

Next begin to apply a thin layer of Quick Wax to one panel at a time. Allow to cure to a fine mist then flip the microfiber polish off to a deep shine.

We found the application to be incredibly easy and fast. The liquid spray eliminted the danger of over application that can be a problem with paste wax. and sped the whole process up.

Once applied to the whole car you will be pleased with the result and the entire process taking less than twenty minutes. The quality of a the Meguiars line shines through right to the superior water beading demonstrated by its hydrophobic qualities. As demonstrated in the video below.

Quick Wax Review Conclusion

Our Quick Wax Review conclusion results in a highly recommended quality product from the reputable Meguiars range.

It will save you time if your just after quick wash, wax and which is exactly what tis designed for. It also serves as a great top-up wax between main waxes that are usually done at the start of seasons. For example a good paste wax applied in the Spring will benefit no end from a top up wax around the mid Summer time. This will bring back the shine and add another layer of UV protection. Meguiars Quick Wax is the ideal product for one or more of the quick top up waxes before another paste wax in the Autumn.