How Much Does Car Wax Cost?

Best Cloth For Waxing Car

Providing a protective coat of wax to your car can be one of the best investments you can make to improve its future value. How much you spend on this investment is the subject of this blog post.

Prices can range from $400 for a specialist wax for prestigious marque cars to to $18 for a basic liquid wax. Results can vary according to preparation but here we endeavour to find you the best value to performance wax. We will also feature the high and low end to give you an overall informed market view. Firstly lets take a look at why we wax our cars

Purpose of Car Wax

By waxing a car we are effectively cocooning it in a coat of wax to preserve the paintwork in its original condition. Therefore delaying depreciation, increasing future resale value and often the best reason, turning heads making us feel proud to own the car!

Once applied the wax coat gives protection against:

  • Summer UV rays
  • Winter weather
  • Road Salt
  • Bird droppings
  • Road side debris

The harmful UV rays of high Summer can really penetrate your cars paintwork, taking all the lustre and shine right out. A good reflective wax applied in the Spring will ensure the heat is kept off right through to Autumn.

It is then that we require and iron clad coating to absorb the none too subtle touches of Winter debris. This can be road salt, hail, grit spray or ice. All these projected at our pride and joy can result in scratches that dull our paintwork's shine by deflecting light away.

Therefore, a good application of the finest wax you can afford is a worthy investment. Now let us take a look at the Car Wax market place.

First take a moment to realise there are two types of wax when it comes to car waxing. Paste wax and Liquid wax, for this post we will be focusing on what is referred to as the "Real Wax" by many. If you would prefer to learn about the costs of liquid wax please see our other post on the Best Liquid Waxes

Highest Price Standard Car Wax

The current highest price car wax trading on Amazon is Collinite Marque Paste Wax. Which is a limited edition automobile wax from a top selected grade of Carnauba wax.

How much does car wax cost

Boasted to contain "Ridiculous amounts of #1 Grade Carnauba Wax this wax also known as No. 915 is aimed at the high end automobile restoration market to give a long lasting shine and superior protection.

Often referred to as providing the warmest shine available, it can be better suited to more darker colours where is provides some of the best water beading available. Navy blue, black and darker metallic paintwork are where his high grade product produces its best resultsl.

Supplied in a large 12 ounce can it makes for easy application to the pads. Allowing even thin layer application.

This superior brand does offer good value despite its higher than most price it is still competitive compared to some "Boutique Waxes"

You can see Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance in action here in this video. Known for their durability Collinite can also be seen in action and the hydrophobic quailities really show through here. Another great feature is its easy of application but you must still apply it as a thin coat to allow for easy buffing off.

Cost of top show winning car waxes

Next, lets go to another level, the show winning Concours level! 

Many owners of vintage classics adorn their vehicles with the highest quality wax they can find. Waxing in this specturm takes on a whole new dimension!

Its here that waxes of the purest form are poured into quality jars and arrive in their own velvet bags!

Zymol Concours Glaze Wax

How Much Does Car Wax Cost

This superior blend was originally produced for the owners of Zymol's personal cars. Now however, it is available to anyone who wants a show winning shine on their pride and joy.

This glorious blend is almost 50% grade No. 1 Brazilian Carnauba wax, featuring both white and yellow grades. An interesting feature of Zymol waxes is that they are actually enzymes that turn into wax once they exposed to air. This facilitates easy application, as it is described as melting to butter upon application.

A noteworthy point is that the amount applied to each panel should be between the size of a baked bean and a kidney bean! Depending on the size of the panel, in other words "Apply sparingly"!

Once applied allow to this to cure for just 30-60 seconds, and buff off with quite a heavy pressure. It is also recommended to rebuff the paintwork a few hours after, as this really does bring out the deepest wettest look produced by this quality product.

Best Value Paste Car Wax

If you looking for somewhat more value then you may take a look at the Meguiars range. Established since 1901 this family business was established by one man, an egg whisker in a tin bath and a burning desire to keep the shine on Americas automobiles!

Within their extensive range Meguiars  Gold Class Carnauba Plus represnts great value. Easily deserving its place in this list of superior Car Waxes.

Best Way To Wax Your Car

Formulated from a blend of the finest Brazilian Carnauba waxes to give a deep, wet look shine capable of turning heads on any sun kissed highway.

Effortless application with long lasting protection makes it an obvious choice for any level of car detailing enthusiast.

One word of warning as with any quality wax it should be applied in a thin coat. Any heavy application will only increase drying time and make removing more difficult.

For best results apply in  the shade allowing 3-5 minutes initial cure time before removing. The best way to test this is to use the "Swipe" test by running your index finger over the wax and if it smears then it hasn't yet cured. However if its clear swipe then it ready to be removed.

You will then witness the super finish provided by this high gloss finish wax.