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Best Car Polish for Scratches and colour restoration 2020

Do you need to remove scratches and have your cars best shine this Summer? Then here is your answer and the products that can do that.

Scratches or more often named "swirl marks" are the curse of every car detailing enthusiast.

The removal of these hairline imperfections are the Holy Grail of getting the best shine on your car this Summer.

The reason being, as light is reflected from the surface to our eyes if it arrives direct from the surface them it gives us full appearance of gloss and depth. But light reflected from a scratched surface is deflected away from our direct view and therefore detracts from giving the deep gloss appearance.

Many websites will tell you that scratches obscure and cover the surface, so preventing us seeing the actual paintwork. But it is as mentioned above the deflection of light that gives the illusion of dullness.

Now we have cleared up the reason WHY we need to remove scratches, let us take a look the best products for the removal of these annoying, light deflecting, hairline scratches.

Just one more thing!

POLISH is not a WAX!

Many amateur car cleaning enthusiasts fail to recognise that a POLISH is NOT WAX!

Polish = An abrasive substance that wears away the layer of paint that contains the scratches

Wax = A protective coating that does not remove any paint but simply provides a protactive coating on top of the paint.

We find numerous people contact us for reviews but fail to see the difference between the two products.

So, in this post we will be discussing POLISHES each one designed as an abrasive to remove scratches.

It is after you have used these that you seal in the perfect paintwork with a WAZX

Best Car Polish For Scratches Reviews

Meguiar's Polishing Compound

Meguiar's Polishing Compound is great starting point for a post on car polish for scratches. This polishing compound is quoted as providing a great polish at the same time.

As always from the Megs team you will get a superb product. Tried and tested over time and sure to be good value for money.

It has very mild abrasive qualities and is best used just for the finest of scratches. It is not suitable to be used on any matte or silk type paints. Having said that we have heard a great report of this product being used to remove build up from headlights!

Small circles with the car polish for scratches

As per the Meguiar's range you get a quality product which will preform well if the surface is prepared well. Therefore, it is best to always use a good ph balanced wash before hand. It is then best applied in small circular movements, buffing off well before it dries for the best effect.

This a particular think to note as if this product is allowed to dry on the surface then it can become difficult to remove. We think this could be due to the abrasive paste.

Price: Around $17

Size:  16 Ounces

Our Rating:


  • check
    Good quality product
  • check
    Excellent fine swirl remover
  • check
    Shines as well as cuts.


  • Can be difficult to remove it allowed to dry
  • Can struggle with deeper scratches

Meguiars Scratch Eraser Kit

If this is your first attempt at scratch removal this superb kit from Meguiar's could be ideal. The kit not only contains the superb X20 scratch remover but all the items needed to apply saving your time and money.

The items include a scratch eraser pad to fit to your drill along with a good quality microfiber cloth to buff off after application.

Fine swirls and scratches literally fade away with the power of this kit.

Its like wiping mist off a mirror, effortless!

Small scratch removal can take less than 1 minute using just the micro fibre cloth and polish.

Great Car Polish for "Paint Transfer" Removal

It is the ideal solution for paint transfer removal. By that we mean, when you get back from the grocery store and you see a white car has scuffed your mirror finish black paint work!

This kit can save you hundreds of dollars in body shop charges by easily removing and paint transfer in minutes. So, if this is your problem get your drill on charge and the kit ordered!

If your looking for a car polish for scratches then we can solidly recommend this product.

One word of caution though is this product will cure deep scratches that have gone through the paint work. If this is the case then the body shop is your best answer

Price: Around $17

Size: 4 fluid ounces

Our Rating: 5/5


  • check
    Every item you need to remove scratches
  • check
    Drill application pad
  • check
    Microfiber buffing cloth included 
  • check
    Saves time and money


  • Not suitable for deep scratches

QUIXX Paint Scratch Removal Kit

In the details of our previous product we mentioned it wasn't suitable for deeper scratches. This QUIXX 2 step system maybe the answer if your scratches are little deeper!

If however, the scratch is down to the bare metal then its body shop job. But for those in between scratches this can offer a solution.

Some users report saving $450 body shop bills by using this kit! Others say they did not have the success they wished for. We think this come down to expectations, which is why we suggest assessing the scratches before deciding on purchasing a product.

Having said that we think this kit can make a good job out of most none metal baring scratches, if the directions are followed to the tee.

The two step system involves sanding down the area of an deeper scratches to soften the clear coat and fill the scratch. Then using the second stage of polishing back to show room condition.

This instructions are simple yet concise, enabling anyone to use the system to get get superb results.

A word of caution, we think the product name containing the word "Quixx" could imply this is a "Quick" solution. However, for the desired results we would estimate it would take longer than other solutions we mention in this post.

Price: Around $12

Size: 0.88 ounce repair kit polish 0.88 ounce Finish Polish

Our Rating: 


  • check
    Ideal for deeper scratches
  • check
    Complete kit of items
  • check
    Saves on expensive body shop fees
  • check
    Effective permanent scratch removals


  • Can take longer to complete than other scratch solutions

Adams Scratch and Swirl Remover

Now for something a little gentler, a specialist swirl remover!

Adams Swirl and Scratch Remover boasts to have less abrasive action than toothpaste that effortlessly removes swirls and blemishes.

This alumina-based micro compound formula gives its best results if combined with Adams Revive Polish

With the unique alumina-based compound being specially designed to disintegrate as it polishes you are sure of a lustrous finish.

Coming complete with its own Hexgrip applicator the application could not be easier.

Correct usage requires only three pea sized spots to be applied to the applicator before applying a thin layer in circular motions. Giving a uniform covering before buffing off. 

A second or even third application could be needed to with some more stubborn scratches or paint transfer.

This super gentle swirl can also be used to great effect on oxidised wheels and even headlights such is the finesse of it use.

Price: Around $20

Size: 12 Ounce standard with a 4 ounce option

Our Rating:


  • check
    A gentle abrasive product as you can find 
  • check
    Disintegrates as it polishes, leaving no excess residue.
  • check
    A true paint corrector with no gimmicks


  • Not for use with anything more than swirls or blemishes

Adealink Car Polish Scratch Remover

Car Polish For Scratches

This product tips the higher end of the price range but boasts some excellent properties that can enhance any car surface.

It will quickly remove mild scratches along with other contaminants like glue, tar and bird droppings.

Further enhancement can been seen in the improving of blackened surfaces and oxidation, which means it could work well on those tired alloy wheels!

In its detailed description it is described as a "Car grinding liquid" which to be honest does sound a little drastic.

I would therefore be careful about its use to start and maybe just use it on a small test area to start. The edge of a panel would be ideal rather than smack in the middle of a door panel!

Overall we think this product could be ideal for older cars with dull, blackened or oxidised surfaces. It could be just what a tired ole Chevrolet needs!

Price: Around $29

Size: 100g

Our Rating:


  • check
    Boasts good oxidation removal qualities
  • check
    Easy removal of scratches
  • check
    Improves gloss finish


  • Higher price point
  • ListElement
  • ListElement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes scratches and swirls on my car bodywork?

A. Okay, we have two different things here. A scratch is caused by another object such as a branch or another car contacting your body work. Swirls are created during the washing or polishing of your car. This happens by small particles of dirt and grim becoming trapped in your washing or polishing item. Then you drag these across the surface, somewhat like sandpaper! This is the reason you should not use a good ole fashioned yellow brick sponge, as there are so many holes to store up the grit and grime.

Q. What is oxidation, and how can I remedy it?

A. If your cars bodywork is exposed to intense heat and light, then oxidation can occur. This will break down the molecules of the paint itself, producing faded areas, white spots, and a cloudy appearance. Regular washing, polishing and waxing help to prevent this.

Q. Why are scratches more visible on some colours than others?
A. As an example black paint can look superb when it’s clean, but it can show scratches, and swirl marks more than other colors. If you have a black car, look for a scratch remover designed for black cars such as a the Turtle Wax color range. The same with red which in our opinion is very prone to fading.

Q. How do I get rid of residue left over by the polish? As it makes my paint and trim look bad?
A. To reduce this use a microfiber cloth for a final polish after using the polish. Some polishes are quoted as not having or at least a reduced level of residue. So, if you do find this an annoyance them try to use one of those brands as it can lead to you not enjoying the cleaning process and doing a less satisfactory job.


If you are looking to try to improve your cars bodywork by removing scratches and swirls for the first time then we recommend you get a complete kit, rather than trying and hoping you have all that is needed.

We know that when all scratches and swirls are removed then the overall appearance of a car is greatly enhanced. It is definitely worth the effort. Just that one blemish can easily distract you from the overall shine.

Take your time with the process, especially with the two stage polishes as the surface needs to be ready for the second stage. 

And always ensure your whole car bodywork is completely washed and prepared before you begin as if not you may just be adding to the problems.