9 Best Bug and Tar Removers

Are the side of your car looking super but the front is covered in bugs? I know the feeling after a long road trip  I just hate to look at the front, knowing how long its gonna take to scrub them off!

Ending up in Fall ready to wax for Winter with a pizza like bodywork, peppered in bugs, tar spots and tree sap js  not fun. With trees sap removal needing a blog post for itself this blog post will deal with those troublesome bugs and tar spots.

Did you know there are some great products that take all the effort out o f reomoving them. Hey there are even somethings I bet you got in your refidgerator that can help! Read on to find outl

Lets first take a look at the top three that popped up in our research.

Bottle of bug and tar remover

Griots Bug Remover



  • Good prewash formula
  • Also removes rubber scuffs
  • Great product for the price
Bottle of good quality bug and tar remover

Gyeon Quartz

Tar Remover



  • Safe effective rubber and tar remover
  • Quick effective remover
  • Use on paint, glass or plastic

So there are our top three bug remover, tar remover and bug and tar remover. Now lets look at the the other products worth mentioning plus a few home bug remover recipies you may not have heard of!

But just before we take a more detailed look at the products its worth mentioning the items used to apply the liquid. And more importantly to remove it along with the offending bugs!

Bug Remover Cloths/Pads

Most products are applied with a bottle and spray nozzle. Making it simple enought to coat that bug covered front fender. It is then advised to let it remain on the surface for a time to allow the ingredients to weaken the hold of the squashed insects.

This important "dwell" time should not be over looked. As with Snow Foam the time on the surface is critical to achieving the ease of removal and final finish.

Once the additives have their time to work then a good bug remover pad is the best way to shift those subborn critters. We recommend the following:

Bugs an All Sponge
Bug Remover Sponge to get bugs off car

This unique, well designed sponge is made of cutting edge Nano Microfiber Mesh that applies just the ideal force and grip to remove most all bugs. No matter how big or small.

Beneath this bug wrenching exterior is a highly absorbant sponge to hold water and other liquids that will aid in removal as pressure is applied. The whole item is kept stable in sude by your hand fitting under the elasticated strap around the centre.

Showing how hand fits into bug cleaner

This unique product is very popular with all detailing enthusiasts for its specific design, ease of use and effectiveness. We have trialled it and can confirm that it is more than fit for purpose of removing bugs!

An alternative is the following:

Viking Microfiber Bug Sponge

Another great bug remover product here from Viking, a quality car detailer manufacturer. Made from a unique; double layer of microfiber mesh it again uses the same principles as Bugs N All. Measuring up at 4x6 inches it is the ldeal size to get in tighter spaces but also enough surface to not take hours to to complete a section.

A great price for such a quality microfiber product makes this super value and an essential part of every enthusiasts kit.

First one on our list is

1. Rainx Bugs An All Bug Cleaner

Bottle of Rainx Bugs and Tar Remover

We found this to offer the most superior service in bug  removal. The bugs just seemed to fall off after being exposed to its powerful surfacatants. Combine this with its gel like surface grip and its takes some beating in the bug removal sector.

Its is a God send to the Floridians in the "love bug Season"!

The Bugs just fall off!

Its simple application just requires spraying on, leaving on the surface and then just washing off. The bugs just simplly pile up on the floor! Although a wipe over with a bug mesh sponge after will remove the stains completely.

The only disadvantage we found was the quantity used to get to the point of effective use as we neared 1/3 of the bottle on a heavily bugged front end.