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Car Wax With  UV Protection

With the arrival of Summer every car needs the best car wax with UV protection.

There is nothing better than your car gleaming across the parking lot in the Summer sun. But those UV rays could be penetrating the very paintwork of your car unless your using a car wax with UV protection.

Daily throughout the Summer your car is exposed to that glorious ball of fire in the sky its rays are breaking down chemical bonds within the paint. This is done by the radiation in the UV waves generating heat as the connect with the paint, This is the way it breaks it down.

Even when the sun isn't that bright, the ultra violet rays are still powerful enough to fade the paint, by breaking down its molecules through this radiation principle.

They break down the finish of the colour then leaving the paint susceptible to further damage.

Along with the sun comes the heat which is absorbed and stored in the metal of the car with can cause increased fading.

These situations of exposure to direct sun light can be minimised by parking in the shade, in a garage or under a sun port.

But who wants to hide their car away,? After all it is your pride and joy for the world to see and see it they must!

So, lets take a look at 3 best car wax with UV protection.

UV Paint Protection Wax

The best way is to use, just as you have been searching for, a car wax with UV protection.

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the rays eat into the "Paints finish"?

Well if you build up that finish with a car wax with UV protection build into it you are then giving those rays something to deal with and so detracting it from getting to what matters, your paintwork!

You can use a wax designed to prevent UV damage. A polymer sealant that again will form the hard reflective layer to prevent fading.​

Or your can go the whole hog and use a combination of the two which we will go into shortly.

Lets take a look at few good car wax with UV protection.

Optimum Car Wax UV Protection

Car Wax With  UV Protection

Lets kick off with a well know brand that offers a superior UV protection.

Blended into its powerful protective coating are UVA and UVB absorbers to effectively,  as it says "Absorb" the suns harmful rays.

A unique combination of Carnauba wax and modern Polymers gives super shine and protection.

With the Carnauba wax pulling the shine out of the paint and those Polymers bonding with the paints surface to give long lasting UV protection, you can be sure of a great shine for a long time!

The extra Polymers in this wax do make it thicker than other waxes and therefore slightly harder to apply and buff off but this is a small price to pay for the added UV protection is amply provides.

Even with its thicker form it still does not haze up on any black plastic trim you may contact during the process.

  • Super UV protective coating
  • Bonds with paint for added protection
  • No residues on black plastic
  • Long lasting shine

Gtechniq C2v3 Car Wax with UV Protection

Car Wax WIth UV Protection

Another Car Wax with UV protection is Gtechniq C23v wax. Manufactured with an advanced formula of monomolecular technology to provide good UV protection.

This protection is achieved by harnessing the performance of nano scale composite materials and extreme testing. However we must note that if you Google "monomolecular technology" then Gtechniq come at the top so this just could be their own term!

Initially developed in Europe it is now available throughout the the United States to provide protection against the harshest Summer rays.

It is a very easy on and buff off application, which some say they finish the complete car in under 10 minutes!

With the coating lasting for up to 8 months we doubt you can find a simpler or faster solution.

However, the high quality results and easy on and off application do come with a price. A price which tips this product into the higher end of the spray wax bracket.

But as the saying goes "You get what you pay for" we still think this product gives great value/

  • Fast, easy Application
  • Super extended Longevity
  • Superior UV Protection
  • Good value despite the higher price

Adams UV Car Wax with UV Protection

The complete kit of Adams Best Car Wax For UV Protection

Here we have an interesting kit that offers real UV protection with its unique, patent pending UV tracer technology which enables you to shine a UV light onto the surface to ensure complete coverage. If water beading is also a desire of your then this offers superior beading effect for 6-8 months after application.

The product can be applied in layers if desired and each layer checked with a UV light to ensure complete coverage. As to the amount of layers needed, the manufacturer recommends no more than three.

Another unique feature is the "Ceramic Glow Technology", which is a crystalline form of optical brightener which absorbs energy and emits light.

We really do feel that Adams have put together a real solution to protect any car from harmful UV rays.

The price is higher but the value is superb when you look at all you get.

Best Car Wax With UV Protection FAQ's

Q. What is the best time of year to apply a UV protection car wax?

A. We would say that late Spring is the optimal time to apply a coat of UV protective car wax. This gives it time to cure properly in time for the height of Summer Sun

Also half way through the Summer can be a good time to apply a "Top Up Coat" to help the base coat deal with the extremes.

Q. How many coats should I apply?

A. One coat is usually enough, but you can go up to three. If you do decide to add another coat then with most waxes it is best to apply is 24 hours after completing the first coat.

Q. Can UV wax be applied the same as normal car wax?

A. Yes it can be applied exactly the same. Either by hand with a microfiber pad or cloth or by electric buffer.

Q. What color cars are most affected by UV damage?

A. All colors are affected but in our experience red is affected the most if unprotected.

Conclusion of Best car wax with UV protection

The key to preventing damage to your cars paintwork by UV rays is to get the best protection applied at the right time.

Assess the car as the season progresses and apply one or two top up coats. Each time you apply use a good routine on How To Wax Your Car this will ensure the surface is prepared properly for maximum interaction with the UV protection wax.

If you carry out this on an annual basis then it will pay when dividends when you sell your car, as the bodywork is the most checked area from a buyer. And trying to sell a dull sun faded car is pretty difficult!

Take our advice in the this post and use the Best Car Wax with UV Protection to slow down the depreciation of your car.