Top Rated Car Wax For Black Cars 2019

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Anyone who has owned or still owns a black car, which I'm guessing is you? Will certainly know they are something special. Notoriously hard to keep clean they deserve a car wax formulated especially for black cars to attain that fathomless shine you simply want to dive into! Such is the quality of a well polished and waxed black car we decided to put together a blog post reviewing the waxes manufactured purposely for them.

Comparison Chart

Top Rated Car Wax for black cars
Top Rated Car Wax For Black Cars 2019
Car guys hybrid wax 

Deep Shine Results and good durability!



  • Deep shine
  • Towel included
  • Advanced  formula
  • Polish, Wax and Sealant
Turtle Black WAx Kit

Car Wax stalwart manufacturers premier product



  • Covers fine scratches
  • Eliminates Swirls 
  • Deep Shine 
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Best Rated Black Car Wax Reviews

Chemical Guys Black Light Kit

Top Rated Car Wax for black cars

Here at the top of the list to get your black car shining brighter than the sun is the Chemical Guys Black Light cleaning kit. We just had to include this as although some may class its pricey a little on the heavy side, we think all in all it provides great value when all is taken into consideration’

What's to like about the Product Name

You get the superb deep gloss Black Light Hybrid Radiant finish polish an the Black Light Black UV protector Paste Wax. Not only those but as you can see in the picture of the kit above you also get applicator pads and buffing off microfiber towels. The Complete Kit for black cars. With many detailers reporting the price is worth the Black Light maintenance and UV protector alone!

What's not to like about the ProductName

Only one bone of contention has been noted, if your looking for deep wet shine then with this product you will get it. But if you also require super water beading after rain showers then you maybe better off using another wax with more extreme hydrophobic qualities.


  • check
    Complete Kit not just wax
  • check
    Super Gloss Shine
  • check
    UV protection
  • check
    Easy Application


  • Lack of beading qualities
  • Pricey

Turtle Black Box Black Car Wax Kit

Top Rated Car Wax For Black Cars 2019

This long standing car care brand is one of if not  the largest manufacturer of car polish and waxes. It has stood the test of time from its 1941 start date (Wikpedia) and today we find it always gives good value. The price may seem lower than many of the other black car polishes but don’t be fooled by the price it is still a quality product. The kit comes with cleaner, polish, finisher and foam applicators.

What's to like about the ProductName

If covering up fine scratches and swirls is what you after then this Turtle Kit could be exactly what you require. The dark colouring in the product really does the job of melting away those finer imperfections. It works particularly well if you car has a white primer undercoat. However, if time is against you this may not be your ideal as the two stage process can take a while, but we assure you it is worth the time! Also if you require instructions to clean, polish and wax your car, beware as sometimes the instructions are in every language except English!

Overall guys this a great product that really gets the deep shine results we all adore. This is achieved through a stages process though, so ensure you have the time but we can assure the result is worth waiting for! And the price is super value.

What's not to like about the ProductName

The application is a two step process and if time is not on your side then it is best not to choose this product this time round. However, it is worth the time! One other point to note is that occasionally the instructions arrive in every language except English!


  • check
    Great value for money
  • check
    Super quality finish
  • check
    Covers fine scratches
  • check
    Eliminates swirls


  • Two stage application
  • Can be time consuming

Car Guys Hybrid Wax

Whilst this initial list was supposed to be “Polishes” to keep in line with our Plan we just had to include this! As you can see it is not wholly a polish, but more of a polish/wax sealant. So while our previous featured kit can take a while to complete the process this actually speeds it up! So if time is of the essence then this is your go to solution!

What's to like about the ProductName

With the speed of application comes doubts of durability? But rest assured whilst the process is quick and the results are long lasting with a showroom finish being reported as staying for months. Price wise it comes in on the heavy side but the high gloss end result with good durability we feel can justify the price. Some detailer's actually refer to it as “Space Juice” the results are so astounding!

What's not to like about the ProductName

The only slight grimace we hear is that is can leave some rain spots after heavy showers. We know this is a common dislike so we thought best to highlight it, but its also a small annoyance for many with the other great results from this product.


  • check
    Speed of application
  • check
    Longevity of shine
  • check
    Astounding results
  • check
    AKA "Space juice" its so good!


  • Heavy on the price

Dodo Juice Purple Haze

Top Rated Car Wax For Black Cars

This wax was specially formulated or dark coloured cars by mixing three main wax ingredients together. They have taken the darkest beeswax they could find, added it to montan wax, which hails from the shoe polish arena and of course T1 carnauba wax making up the trio.

What's to like about the ProductName

This potent triple mix gives Purple Haze and easy on easy off application along with some terrific hydrophobic qualities and high gloss finish!

Quoted by many detailers as the deepest shine they had seen has led to a good many sticking to this product. There is hardly a bad word to be said about this wax and if you after a deep shine with superb water beading then this is the one for you! We are not sure about durability though, as many of the high gloss waxes we find need regular top ups. Let us know if you know.

What's not to like about the ProductName

Being slightly on the pricey side is the only real concern and maybe the smaller can size, however this is a quality product!


  • check
    Super Deep black car shine
  • check
    Easy application
  • check
    Contains Montan wax
  • check
    Good hydrophobic qualities


  • Higher price
  • Smaller can



When choosing the wax for your black car consider what are your greatest requirements. 

This can depend on the area you live in. It is a warmer state with little rain then the deep wax shine of a good Carnauba wax could be your ideal choice. If a more wetter climate then good hydrophobic qualities could be a major requirement.

Assessing the current state of paintwork can be a good starting point also. Are there many swirls visible? If so then the choice of an abrasive wax/polish could be your starting point to firstly correct the imperfections and then follow up next time with a Carnuaba deep shine wax or a good hydrophobic one depending on your needs but at least you will then have a great starting point.

Price can obviously be a factor and there is some great value to be found we find especially with the Turtle Wax range.

Which ever wax you choose we wish you Happy Waxing and a deep black car shine!


Q1: Which car polish or wax for black car do I choose?

Even though you have taken the step to research which wax is best for your black car you are still left with a large selection to choose from. It is important what specific requirements you need from the end result or treating your. Then find which products gives you that here are some of the things to consider.

  • Deep shine

  • Longevity of shine

  • Weather conditions

  • Location

  • How many times you want to maintain

You may get a product that gives you a deep show class shine but needs topping up frequently if your car is in daily use. If you live in a sunny climate then you are better going for one with high UV protection. If you just want to protect it once and last for a long time then longevity is your main priority to look for.

Q2: Can I use any normal car polish and wax for my black car?

Yes you can use any polish or wax for your black car but the ones specifically manufactured for black cars will almost certainly give better results. The likes of Meguiars and Chemical Guys have extensive research departments and their products will definitely offer superior finishes on black cars. However, if you do have some other type of car wax then just go ahead and use that as it will be a good trial while you wait for your black car wax to arrive and you will see the difference 

Q3: How Often do I Need To Apply Wax to my Black Car

As a general rule, recommended by many detailers, you should wax your car twice a year. Once at the start of Spring and again at the start of Autumn. This way your cars paintwork is protected through the heat and UV rays of the Summer sun. The rewaxing again at the start of Fall then protects against the harsh Winter conditions and salt attack!

So detailers recommend waxing four times a year. This can often be correct if using certain types of wax. Mainly the high gloss, deep shine waxes need more regular tops up, especially on black cars. If you choose a durable wax you may get away with a much longer period but we do think that the, twice a year on the Spring and Fall frequency is a great starting point for your waxing care.

Q4: What are the different types of waxes?

We have two types of wax at our disposal:

  • Spray Wax

  • Paste Wax 

Spray Wax

 This is basically wax but in liquid form that is thin enough to pass through a spray nozzle. This makes it easier to apply and speeds up the process of waxing. It is applied through the nozzle then spread over with a microfiber cloth or applicator that are supplied with many of the spray waxes.

Some die hard detailers would never dream of using a spray wax as they see it as a cheap, fast option that offers less protection. In part we think this opinion is correct but they do serve a purpose as a great “Top Up” between the two main waxes we mentioned in the last part of this post.

Paste Waxes

Paste waxes off the ultimate protection as the really do form a protective layer of hardened wax over your whole car. So are notoriously difficult to remove IF left on the surface too long before buffing of. But we do find these days that most of the ones mentioned above have good removing qualities. There is nothing better than a good wax curing to a haze, to then be buffed off to reveal the deepest shine!


We hope you now realise you have a special beauty with your black car and we have informed you on how to get it looking its best. If you follow our cleaning and treating plan you will give your car paintwork the best protection against UV rays and whatever else the weather can throw produce!

The important point we hope we have got across is the need to complete the whole process from pre-wash through to waxing with a little hand contact as possible.

We think that your should take notice of the specialist waxes containing the darker Montan wax as they really do seem to give super results but may lack durability. So if it is real shine you need but don’t mind rewaxing more often, plumb for one of these listed above.

If you lack time to re-wax and it is more durability you looking for then a more carnauba based wax could be just what you need.