Nu Finish Car Wax Review | Autodetailinglab

Is this another product that claims to to "Do everything?" Wash, polish and wax all in one swipe of a microfiber cloth!

But does it do just what it says on the label or is it just marketing hype??

Well we have found that is works rather well compared to average high street detailing products!! Read on to find out.

Like our previously featured F11 product this company keeps making new products to leverage its brand. But this does happen in all industries it whats keep the markey bouyant and the wheels of idustry turning.

Contains NO WAX!

Nu Finish claims to contain no wax but is instead formed from a liquid polymer formula.

 Therefore we cannot seriously call it a wax. 

To us a wax final coat of protection that is applied after the surface has been prepared by washing and polishing.

So is this product a polish?

So can we call it a polish?

To answer that question we need to know what a Polish is.

To polish is defined as a substance "To make something smooth and glossy usually by friction"

This is what a real car polish should do. The abrasive element in the polish would cause friction and therefore remove a layer of the clear coat or paint to eliminate the scratch or swirl.

As Nu Finish doesn't appear to contain any abrasive elements then it really cant be classed as a polish. 

So it appears to be neither and wax or a polish!

What is Nu Finish then?

The claim is that Nu Finish provides a clear coat finish to protect your car. Therefore eliminating the need to apply wax after polishing.

Also the manufacturer says after applying to your bodywork it is protected well enough for you to go through 52 automatic car washes. So effectively a wash a week for a year.

This has been used in the advertising for years.

Orange Bottle of Nu Finish Car Wax Reviews
Does Nu Finish work?

By the results seen in the video above, and others on the internet you can certainly see it creates a shine.

It does appear to be the answer to the dreams of a person who just wants to treat their car and forget about it. Therefore it would definitely be suited to people with limited time but still want a good shine that will last through frequent washes.

Is it a sealant?

I would think this would be a fairer description than a polish or wax. Maybe a surface treatment would be a fairer description.

As you can see it is certainly able to provide a shine and if it lasts as long as it claims to then I think most people short on time would like this. But most ole school detailer's would shun it in favour of most traditional wash, polish and wax methods.

Is Nu Finish good value for money?

This is were Nu Finish really can provide great value. The smaller bottle can be found priced in the $7 range whilst the larger version rings the register at around the $14 mark.

And the Nu Finish Once a Year kit come in a around the $19

Who is Nu Finish best suitable for?

Due to its easy on, dry and buff off to a super shine Nu Finish is ideally suited to the a new detailer with limited time who wants a good shine without breaking the bank.

A word of warning, some users report that removal of Nu Finish from black plastic trim can be difficult. Therefore take extra not to apply any accidentally to your trim.

Another area of contention is the longevity, with Nu Finish promoting it as a "Once a Year" treatment many state it is more suited to the 4-6 months bracket with them usually treating the car twice a year. But the majority are still pleased with the result and durability.

Conclusion or Nu Finish Car Cax Review

To conclude Nu Finish is

  • Not a car wax
  • Not a car polish
  • A type of polymer surface treatment.
  • Good value at the current prices
  • Gives a good shine to the vehicle
  • Suited to people who want quick result that will last a while

There are other equally as good Car Waxes and Polishes that will remove any scratches of swirls from the paint work and create as good a shine. It is also important to follow a good routine on How to Wax Your Car in order to have the surface best prepared.

Which ever way you choose to go be it traditional wax and polish of the newer all in one product we hope you enjoy the results and you found Nu Finish Car Wax Review helpful.