F11 Car Wax Reviews|

These in depth Car Wax Reviews series of posts are to take a look at the good, bad and ugly of the car wax world. 

They will hopefully help you save your dollars buy informing you which car wax product will be the best for you and your car

In this post we take a look at Top Coat F11:

Car Wax Review F11

F11 is a product of the Top Coat manufacturer based in United States of America.  It has a huge brand presence and is much talked about in car detailing circles.

It appears to be mostly for sale in kit form with up to three liquid products in each kit and microfiber towels.

Picture of F11 Top Coat kit to show what is included in our F11 car wax reviews

We are not sure if F11 Car Wax is offered as a single product or it only comes as part of a kit?

 It is promoted as a "Surface Sealant", but with so many people considering it to be a type of wax we thought we would review it in our Car Wax Review Section.

The kit option does put it in the higher price bracket of car waxes. If however you consider it to be a sealant and take into consideration what you are getting then it is the higher end of average rather than over priced.

Ease of Application

All the Top Coat F11 products appear to have a spray application. That is except for the wash additive.

This would generally make it very easy to apply, as with all spray waxes. 

F11 Durability

Top Coat promote F11 as having a durability of 3-6 months which is pretty much about the industry standard for a sealant type product.

Shine Ability 

The promotional videos show a very good result from what they describe as a "Water less wax product".

We have noted that many of the comments on review videos mention that the vehicle has previously had a sealant applied. This maybe something you need to consider.

This could be why it is supplied as a "Kit" as the surface may have to have the initial treatment for the F11 to work well. Having said that the results do look good in the "Promotional" videos

Dollar to Ounce Value.

This is based on the current price on the Top Coat Amazon store and the amount of liquids you get in each kit.

Top Coat Kit Name

Kit contents

$/Ounce Value

1 Bottle Top Coat

1 Bottle Poly wash

4 Cloths


1 Bottle top Coat

1 Bottle Quick Gloss

6 Cloths


Ultra Kit

1 bottle F11

1 Bottle Spritz

1 Bottle Poly Wash

4 Towels


1 Bottle F11

1 Bottle Top Coat

1 Bottle Spritz

1 Bottle Poly Wash

10 Towels


Top Coat is available as a single product. We imagine this is available after you have completed the initial coating with one of the kits. 

If the amount of detailing towels are not of great concern to you then the Ultra Kit comes in at good value of $2.37/Ounce. These are based on the current Amazon prices and may  fluctuate.

Water on red car hood demonstrating hydrophobic qualities of F11 Car Wax Reviews
Hydrophobic Qualities

Many car enthusiasts enjoy the beading effect of rain on a well waxed car. F11 boasts to have a superb beading effect that holds up well over the 3-6 month recommended durability range.

Overall opinion

We feel F11 is a quality product that has a large marketing campaign behind it.

There does seem to be much hype about its performance and the videos of it in use do look good.

After taking a look at the kit form it appears to be available in our opinion is that the car could have to be treated initially to see this level of performance on subsequent details.

The pricing is on the high side compared to most other car detailing products and some reviews say it is over priced for what it does. But if your consider prices of other sealant coating products the price seem more comparable.

We will be looking further into if the F11 Car Wax and as we find more we add to the Review. for now complete our F11 Car Wax Reviews is complete.