Car Wax Reviews-Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax

Today on our Car Wax Reviews page we take an deep dive into Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax. We check out the waxing capabilities of this relative new product from one of the oldest established companies in the car wax world.

Turtle Ice is a name used for a whole range of products which incorporate the "Turtle Ice Technology". This is based on combining layers of interlocking synthetic polymers that maximise shine and protection.

Each product compliments the other to give a maximising protection shield. We feature the other items later in the post, but for now lets take a look at the Ice Spray wax.

Turtle Wax the origins

Turtle Wax was originally founded way back in 1941 by Benjamin Hirsch (Wikpedia) of Illinois. The first product was called Plastone but Hirsch changed the name to Turtle to associate with hardness of a turtles shell. As this is the quality of protection a good wax should give to car bodywork.

From 1941 to the present day the company supply car detailing products which in my opinion represent great value. The products always provide a level of performance above what you would expect for the price. 

Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax

This product is described as the "Next Level" of car care, so well advanced that you can even clean glass with it!

Designed for quick and easy application Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax is the ideal way to top up your cars protective coat between the big waxes of the year.

Turtle Ice Wax Details


Plastic Spray Bottle with ergonomic handle


20 Ounces


1.5 Pounds


Fine Spray

Start Date

March 16th 2012

Cloth Cleaning Car

Application of Turtle Ice Wax

The application process could not be any simpler. Spray the light mist onto a section at a time. Reverse the microfiber cloth and polish off to a high shine. What could be simpler!

I must admit the first time I used one of these spray waxes I was disappointed to see how weak the solution looks when its on the surface. But I was amazed at how well they work to shine and protect.

There was no streaking or excess residue to worry about and the deep reflecting shine was equal to paste waxes I had used in the past.

Whilst the company state the car should be dried after washing, before this polish is applied a few people say they have used it with some success on a wet car.


As with most spray waxes they durability is expectancy is below that of a coat of quality paste wax. But with today's technology spary waxes are capable of almost equal durability.

Turtle Ice Spray wax is at the upper end of the durability scale with many detailer's claiming four to six weeks can be expected before another coat is applied. This makes it an ideal top up wax to use in between the major Spring and Fall paste wax coats

Good UV Protection

Many detailing enthusiasts along with Turtle Wax themselves state the UV protection qualities of the Ice Spray are above average, making it the ideal choice for the the top wax at the start of Summer.

Car Wax Review picture of bottle of Turtle Wax

Car Wax Reviews conclusion of Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax

Turtle Ice Spray Wax represents age old car detailing reputation with cutting edge polymer technology to give the next generation of car protection.

As I stated earlier the fine easy on a polish off spray never ceases to amaze how good a coating it provides from what appears to be a weak liquid application.

Extra wax coats maybe required

The only downside we have come across in our research is that it any require a few coats to get the full protection and deepest shine.

This could lead to some people seeing it a poor quality product compared to some of its silicone based competitors. But when the price is taken into consideration then the value can be better appreciated. 

The durability can be questionable but I would judge it to be average for a spray wax.

However, if this was a concern to you then Turtle Wax have a sister product to Ice Spray  wax.

It is Turtle Ice Shine and seal:

Regularly quoted as having a durability of six months Ice Seal and Shine contains a good percentage of Carnauba Wax. This has to be a major contributing factor to its extended durability above the Ice Spray Wax.

Durability can be further increased by using other Turtle Wax products to prepare the surface prior to waxing as knowing how to wax your car used a correct routine is important.

Simply starting with a good Snow Foam such as Ice Snow Foam Wash will remove the majority of the grit and grime from the bodywork with minimal chance of scratches or swirls occurring.

Bottle of Turtle Ice Wax Car Snow Foam

The overall Turtle Wax range gives a good value to quality ratio. There are many products than provide a similar or lesser performance that are more than double the price.

This value backed by 70+ years of reputation in the car detailing industry always make Turtle Wax a solid choice, especially if you are on a budget.

We will be featuring more Car Wax Reviews of other Turtle Wax products soon.