10 Best Car Wash Shampoo’s For Ceramic Coated Cars

So you have got your car ceramic coated. Completely sealed and in Summer is looks super, but the Winter months pile on the grime and debris pile onto the surface and you need to give it a good wash...right?

But you have been hearing rumours that you have to use a car wash shampoo just for ceramic-coated cars...right?

If you answered YES to one of or both the questions then you have arrived in the right place!

In this blog post we will explain which is the correct shampoo not car soap to use. Also the best car shampoo from our experience.

Why this is important

And how you should go through the process to ensure the best results by minimising swirl marks, avoiding water spots and not damaging the protective layer the ceramic coating you and many other car owners have lovingly paid for!

What is the best car wash shampoo for ceramic coated cars?

Before the use of ceramic coatings car owners used to just add some house hold detergent to a bucket of warm water and wash away the Winter grime.

This would often lead to swirls marks forming on the wax coated surface of your car and was not a great way to clean any car's paint on a non-coated car.

But now you have your car coated with ceramic sealant you have to be a little more careful so as not to ruin your investment.

The best way to wash a ceramic coated vehicle surface is to use a ph-neutral car shampoo.

And to use a proper wash routine.

The best shampoo is ph neutral car shampoo such as the ten we feature below.

Why is this important?

It is important to use a ph neutral car shampoo for regular maintenance because the neutral ph is fat less acidic and less likely to damage the ceramic paint coating.

Lets take a look at the options available in all car shampoos.

NORMAL CAR WASH SHAMPOO. This is nothing more that a kitchen detergent and is really not ideal for any type of car to be perfectly honest. These are generally quite acidic and are often Ph+ 7 or 8. These really do have the potential to severely weaken the surface of the ceramic-coated vehicle.

NORMAL CAR WASH SHAMPOO WITH WAX ADDED. This is simply the next grade up with it having some kind of car wax added to the detergent to allow a semi protective coat to be added to the car's surface as the car is washed.

PH NEUTRAL SHAMPOO. This is the latest type of car wash shampoo and it is highly suited to ceramic coated cars. It has a ph neutral detergent and extra lubrication soap to enable a smooth applicating with little chance of any damage to the ceramic coating or any exterior surfaces.

PH NEUTRAL SHAMPOO WITH WAX. We personally think this a defeating the object as you have paid to have your car ceramic coated for a reason! So you don't have to keep treating it with a coat of wax. Therefore, why pay the extra for wax to be added? Just stick with a PH Neutral shampoo such as the ones we feature below.


Mr. Pink

For over a decade this soap among car soaps has consistently been a favourite of many car detailers.

Favoured for its thickness of foam and its hydrophobic properties this bright pink ceramic coating shampoo really makes light work of maintaining a car's exterior clear coat or ceramic coat.

It can be applied with a foam cannon or by using the traditional 2 wash bucket system and wash mitt.

If you favour a foam cannon but haven't got one then see our blog post HERE on how to make your own.

The super concentrate of this car shampoo makes it a popular choice for professional detailers as it takes only a small amount to produce a best soap foam. Just one ounce added to a five gallon bucket makes more than enough foam to tackle any car even in direct sunlight.


This cutting edge nano-quartz technical car wash shampoo, is engineered to give the best possible protection to a ceramic protective coating. It can also be used on uncoated cars

It gives that just coated finish that everyone wants after washing a ceramic paint coating. The unique hydrophobic qualities give superior beading effect, the sign of a great coating for sure!

This product also works well on vinyl wrapped cars for a maintenance wash to remove traffic film and leave the wrap in perfect condition.

One thing to note with this ceramic shampoo is to wipe it off sooner rather than later as it can form a white residue similar to brake dust if left to dry.

Turtle Wax 53411 Hybrid 

The Si02 polymer and super hydrophobic qualities in this shampoo make it a great all round perfect choice.

With just three ounces needed to a gallon of water this ceramic car wash soap will give many great washes and leave a vehicle's paint in a gleaming condition with super beading when it rains.

Word of warning here is that this product will not do well if used in a foam gun or cannon. That's not to say its not a good wash but it simply doesn't have the foaming properties needed to do well in a foam gun.

A good all-round performer from a time tested quality detailing brand.

GYEON Quartz Foam - Ceramic Coating Maintenance 

Compared to the last featured shampoo this is IDEAL for a foam gun or cannon. If you dont have a foam cannon but would like one then see our blog post How To Make a Foam Cannon

This PH neutral shampoo not only has superior foaming qualities but its thick foam provides a thick solution that eats into grime, bird droppings and tree sap. If your ceramic car coatings are heavily marred then this neutral product is your ideal choice for a hand wash or a foam gun.

As shown on the picture below.

Black Fire Pro Ceramic Coating Wash Soap

Designed specifically to not affect ceramic coated cars, this highly concentrated car wash shampoo really is the business.

It produces suds thick enough to be used in a foam gun or can be used just as effectively with the traditional two bucket wash method.

This PH neutral cash wash shampoo is supplied in a 32 ounce bottle and has superb lubrication qualities.

Chemical Guys Hydro Suds

This good idea bundle gives the best ceramic coating shampoo and ceramic glass cleaner on the market today

With its cutting edge SiO2 technology this super foaming shampoo will also lay down another weather protective coat on top of your ceramic protection.

This bundle will clean and protect your car's paint and glass surfaces against minor scratches and what ever the weather throws at it.

Meguiar's G55163 Hybrid Ceramic Wax Kit

This super Ceramic wash and wax kit again utilises the Si02 polymer properties and includes a microfiber towel and covers all ceramic paint protection options.

This one is definitely best used with the two-bucket method and a final rinse as with all the best shampoos. And best results are found if used on a cool surfaced car.

The wax polish included in the kit give a carnauba wax finish top off your Ceramic coating if needed after the cleaning process.

Nanoskin Ultra Line CRYSTAL WASH SiO2 High Foaming Shampoo

Use the usual wash method with this high concentrate foam shampoo, that is also a right car shampoo for none ceramic coated vehicles.

This PH balanced shampoo has the fragrance of Fresh Rain and is far from the usual dish soap many car owners use.

One thing to note is that for best results this Nanoskin wash should be used after an initial wash or automatic car washes.

Adam's Car Wash Shampoo 

Finally we have a more traditional budget type of ceramic car wash from one of the iconic detailing brands Adams Polishes.

This blue, PH Neutral shampoo will soap up enough to use in a foam Cannon or a simple car wash routine using two buckets and a wash mitt.

It has thick lubricating qualities that reduce the damage to your ceramic coating whilst still removing all the grime.

A great all round ceramic car shampoo that will fit most detailers budgets

Red car to show best car colors to keep clean


The best things about Ceramic coating shampoos are their ability to wash and clean your car surface and not affect the quality and effectiveness of your ceramic coating.

There is generally no need to clay bar your car if it has a ceramic coating as it is unlikely the grit and grime will be able to stick to or penetrate the coating.

All washes should start with a high-pressure washer rinse and try to avoid automatic car wash places as they will only scratch the grit across the surface.

Try to do each wash as touchless car wash as you can to minimise the chances of surface damage and guarantee a brilliant shine and uv rays protection.

Car Polished in Sunlight

If you have applied a good ceramic coating in the first instance such as Gyeon q then you will be at a good stating point and by using one of the above mentioned ceramic car wash shampoos you will be assured of a great finish all year round.

We hope our suggestions of the shampoos help you make the best choice to enable you to enjoy your cars superior finish for many years as a ceramic coating is a great investment to have on any car.

Please take a look at our other blog posts on how to remove a Ceramic coating, making a foam cannon and choosing the best microfiber clothes to create the best finish with what ever detailing product you decide to use.